Network Bridging Question - 2nd NIC installed

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello I have Fedora 10 x64 running my NAS box and it's great. I had a gigabit NIC connected from my NAS to my router and a gigabit NIC connected from my desktop to the router. The problem is my router is only 100mb so transfer rate was slower than it could be. I figured cheapest way to improve things was to add my spare 10/100 NIC to the NAS and connect that NIC to the router and connect the gigabit NIC to the desktop. I then need to bridge the connections on the NAS so the desktop can see the internet and get IP via DHCP. I have not been successful in doing this on boot, however I have found the following commands in this order achieve what I want:- ifdown eth0 ifdown eth1 brctl addbr bridge0 brctl addif bridge0 eth0 brctl addif bridge0 eth1 ifconfig bridge0 route add default gw ifconfig eth0 up ifconfig eth1 up dhclient bridge0 Is this the right way? How do I best make a permanent bridge - i.e. on boot? Please help. Thanks a lot. (HowTos)