Network bridge and broadcast ethernet frames

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http://serverfault.com – Let R1 and R2 be two (wireless) routers. Both R1 and R2 have one wired interface eth0 and one wireless interface wlan0. On each router, both interfaces are bridged on br0. So: R1.br0 = R1.eth0 + R1.wlan0 R2.br0 = R2.eth0 + R2.wlan0 Let C1 and C2 be wireless clients connected to R1 and R2 respectively. What will happen exactly when C1 sends a broadcast ethernet frame B, that's supposed to be received by C2 (say, an ARP request for C2's IP address)? My questions: Upon receipt of B by R1, will it send the frame through R1.br0 (therefore sending it to both R1.eth0 and R1.wlan0) or will sen (HowTos)