netsnmp - how to register string?

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http://serverfault.com – I use net-snmp. I try to add my own mibs, so i followed the scalar example. In order to add my own mibs i defined them in the mib file and create an agent extension.(see below). It work, so i have now an integer MIB. Now i want to add string mib, so i define the MIB , but i dont find a register API for string, like i have for the int - netsnmp_register_int_instance. I look in the includes file , but dosnt found matching one. agent: #include <net-snmp/net-snmp-config.h> #include <net-snmp/net-snmp-includes.h> #include <net-snmp/agent/net-snmp-agent-includes.h> #include "mo (HowTos)