netctl fails with wpa, work with wpa_configsec; wpa_supplicant works

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Hi,I ran into something, and managed to get it working, but I'm curious about something that happened in the process.I couldn't connect to a local home network using netctl (with wifi-menu), but I can connect using wpa_supplicant/dhcpcd and also using a wpa_configsection profile for netctl. I think the /etc/netctl/wlan0-CourseX file is okay (passwords changed below).wlan0-CourseX profile:Description='Automatically generated profile by wifi-menu' Interface=wlan0 Connection=wireless Security=wpa ESSID=CourseX IP=dhcp Key=PasswordWhen I do "sudo netctl start wlan0-CourseX (HowTos)