netconfig won't change DNS on opensuse 12.2

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to update my dns servers after openvpn connection, but netconfig won't do that for me. Here's how I'm trying to do it [manually now]: /sbin/netconfig modify -v -i tap0 -s openvpn <<-EOF INTERFACE='tap0' DNSSERVERS='' EOF And here's the verbose output: debug: lockfile created (/var/run/netconfig.pid) for PID 5530 debug: lockfile created debug: write new STATE file /var/run/netconfig//tap0/netconfig0 debug: Module order: dns-resolver dns-bind dns-dnsmasq nis ntp-runtime debug: dns-resolver module called debug: Static Fallback debug: Use NetworkManager policy merged (HowTos)