Nepomuk/strigi in 4.4

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi all, Since 4.4 pretty much forces kmail/korganizer/kaddressbook/etc users into using nepomuk+akonadi+mysql+virtuoso (netbook users will love that :P) I thought that I may as well get strigi running and see how that thing works. Enabling it was painless - just checked the appropriate option in SystemSettings, strigi did it's initial indexing without any errors and switched itself into idle mode. So now time for some testing. I launched dolphin and typed "jazz" into search bar but got no response - dolphin (launched with --nofork option) didn't throw anything into konsole and dbusmonitor doesn't show anything either. Second thing I noticed, is that in information panel, I don't have options to rate/comment/tag files (it only displays size/owner/date/permissions data) that I see in all those screenshots in nepomuk praising articles. Adding metadata in gwenview works fine. Next I tried nepomuk kio. In krunner typed nepomuksearch:/jazz which resulted in dolphin showing some results. Bad results unfortunately - it looks like it displayed all files indexed by strigi (most of which doesn't have anything to do with jazz) + some rubbish with nepomuk icons. Same happens when i type: nepomuksearch:/?query=jazz Ok - lets try another search: nepomuksearch:/artist:"bjork" which results in dolphin saying: "The process for the nepomuksearch protocol died unexpectedly" - bummer. I took some jpeg, added tag "test" in gwenview, and tried to find it with nepomuk: nepomuksearch:/hasTag:"test" nepomuksearch:/?query=hasTag:"test" both result in the same dolphin response: "The process for nepomuk protocol died unexpectedly". I haven't used nepomuk with strigi before, so I'm not sure if my problems are kde4.4 related, or I'm just doing something wrong (am I ???) Does strigi/nepomuk work fine on your 4.4 kde setup ? I glanced at kde bug tracking system, and on first look it seems I'm alone with my problem, so I tend to believe that I'm doing something wrong :/ Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :) cheers, Bart ;) (Distributions)