Need some help with ZSH

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http://crunchbang.org – I copypastad some different ZSH related things from the web and ended up with this mess:# .zshrc # Author: Piotr Karbowski <[email protected]> # License: beerware. # Basic zsh config. umask 077 ZDOTDIR=${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}} ZSHDDIR="${HOME}/.config/zsh.d" HISTFILE="${ZDOTDIR}/.zsh_history" HISTSIZE='10000' SAVEHIST="${HISTSIZE}" export EDITOR="/usr/bin/nano" export TMP="$HOME/tmp" export TEMP="$TMP" export TMPDIR="$TMP" export TMPPREFIX="${TMPDIR}/zsh" if [ ! -d "${TMP}" ]; then mk (HowTos)