Need a script to add mutiple printers in solaris box

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http://www.unix.com – Hi , i need to configure around 80 printers in a server. can someone please help me with the script. i have a file that has printer name and its ip. like. Code: printer1 printer2 and so on.. can some one please help me to do it via script. i am using solaris 10 After lot of thinking i could figure out the below script :) Code: j=1; for i in `cat prntlist` do ipaddr=`awk -v a=$j '(NR==a){print $1}' iplist` echo $i:$ipaddr ###i can add lpadmin cmd here with $i for printername and $ipaddr for printer ip j=$((j+1)) done i know with unix there would be many wa (HowTos)