Need to read Whole Line

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http://www.unix.com – I have a file that contains a list of files, that i am trying to pass to EGREP for analysis...however files that contain werid characters such as spaces and colons get broken up into two pieces and it fails. I create this list by running the find command Code: sudo find / print -type f >> Filelist Filelist Code: /users/home/sdd/file /users/home/sdd/file2 /users/home/sdd/file_08092012_08:03:02 /users/home/sdd/file_abc /users/home/sdd/file2_abc Here is my code Code: cat Filelist|while read line; do echo $line|IFS='|' read FILENAME1 echo $FILENAME1 done Here is the output (HowTos)