Need help optimize mysql setting

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http://forums.cpanel.net – Hi, I am new member in this forum. I hope I can learn a lot from this forum. I have server with RAM 64 GB with MySQL Version 5.1.63-cll x86_64. I need help how to optimize my.cnf Here is my.cnf Quote: [mysqld] local-infile=0 datadir=/var/lib/mysql socket=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock skip-locking #skip-innodb query_cache_limit=128M query_cache_size=32K join_buffer_size=2M tmp_table_size=64M max_heap_table_size=64M query_cache_type=1K max_user_connections=50 max_connections=50 interactive_timeout=10 wait_timeout=10 connect_timeout=10 thread_cache_size=16 (HowTos)