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http://www.linuxforums.org – I'm kinda annoyed right now, so here is the nutshell version. I want to install Wine in Suse 11.2. I went to the 'add applications' thing and found their outdated wine installation, and after 'installing' I did have wine. I went to Wine HQ to see if i could get it directy from them. I went to the Open SuSe page. "so you want to download wine for suse? okay, here are some repositories. We're going to assume you know what that is and how to use it." All i can guess is that a repository is the location where the files required for installation are. I also saw some stuff some stuff about "yast" and "packages" with no explanation whatsoever. Now I'm not a computer illiterate. Today i was working for a Tax company in setting up thier new computer system. I am a master at Windows, but without their nice installation wizards i am just lost. Apparently i know next to nothing about using linux. Can someone point me to some introductory material so i can learn how to use this stuff? guess there can't be customer service is there is no customer. (HowTos)