Native Minecraft on 64bit Crunchbang (stable/testing)

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http://crunchbang.org – A lot of people seem to have issues with Minecraft on 64bit systems and howto's are quite confusing.To fix this and have Minecraft run on your 64bit system is a really easy fix.(This howto assumes you have oracle-java7-installer installed on your system.)Download latest stable of lwjgl hereExtract it and go to /native/linuxNow go to /home/your-username/.minecraft/bin/native on your system.Copy the files that contain 64 in their filenname from /native/linux to the /home/your-username/.minecraft/bin/native dirNow in the lwjgl dir go to /jar and copy jinput.jar lwjgl.jar lwjgl.jar and move t (HowTos)