Name resolution via NIS not working under CentOS 6.4

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello all, I'm just wondering what have I missed? I've configured NIS and it works for user authentication. I can also see the hosts DB using ypcat - but the system does not resolve names in the NIS host DB. Code: [root@pandora ~]# ypcat hosts | grep dione    dione.localnet dione    dione.localnet dione [root@pandora ~]# ping -c1 dione ping: unknown host dione [root@pandora ~]# ping -c1 dione.localnet ping: unknown host dione.localnet [root@pandora ~]# grep dione /etc/hosts [root@pandora ~]# getent hosts | grep dione [root@pandora ~]# [ (HowTos)