MythTV, HVR-850Q, and Analog Support Woes - Arghhh

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http://forums.opensuse.org – OK, as you can guess from the thread title a few things need some fixin'! A little background. I have been trying to get my linux experience to replace windows media center (watch, record, sched, PVR my analog cable through my computer), for 15 months since I bought a laptop with a tuner card (HVR-1500), and have finally given up on it (100's of hours trying, close but finally no analog support yet! - arghhhh) SO onto what was supposed to be a good one for linux a new HVR-950Q. At this point I have 1/setup a MYSQL database, 2/ setup the MythTV backend (though something seems amuk), 3/ setup the frontend partly, and 4/ have THANKFULLY the setup the driver and hvr-950Q tuner card as they are being recognized through dmesg and by MythTV - YAHOOOO! BUT>>>> Here a are the start of the new obstacles, and special thanks to a 2 guys named Ben and Ken for there help to daterotfl!. so here we go. 1/ The frontend continually complains that it can't connect to the backend server while I am doing its initial setup, 2/ I can't get a successful scan for channels with MythTV or presumably also can't do something called initially populate my channel file, 3/ Xawtv, Motv, and aletv all only see my CAM as a video source (though not an issue if I can get mythtv setup), and 4/ Have not yet seen anything with my tuner card (analog or digital, though my source is presently only analog cable here in Vancouver Canada through Shaw) Any help would sure be appreciated, thanks Mark (Distributions)