MySQL 4.1 - Howto convert/cast INT to CHAR/VARCHAR?

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi, I'm hoping someone out there has the answer to this question: How does one convert a table column's data type from INT to CHAR/VARCHAR? Background: I'm trialing some ID card software and it uses Access as its backend. It has ODBC capability and I'm able to connect to my website's MySQL db alright and even import a number of columns in my table (DATE, other VARCHAR columns). However, whenever I try to import the column that's INT (a two or three digit number), I get a type mismatch (on the ID card end I've chosen every predefined option they offer to no avail) and can't get any further. If I can cast/convert the INT to VARCHAR I think I can get around the ID card software's limited functionality. Can anyone help? Thanks kindly, -creativedynamo (General)