My little message to the Apple Community!!

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I don't think the open source community is nothing but sick of these stupid lame a## excuses of patent charges. If Apple and your so called enemy/best friend Microsoft didn't have the patent trolls and the patent wars( Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmar sitting in a tree patent trolling because they are loosing!!!!) Shouldn't have messed with HTC, my AT&T contract is up and guess what I'm droid all of the way. I can't believe people follow a company that makes so stupid and impracticable decision to release an iPad for $400 starting out... no thank you i'll stick with my Linux powered notebook. Wow how brain washed does a community have to be, to see that Apple is no different than Microsoft I'f nothing else you are worst, at least you can buy a windows PC for $3,000 cheaper!!! Oh yeah security don't give me that if you want security and stability like so many ex Apple usr's I see in the Linux forums are doing!! Steve Jobs I challenge you... you little patent troll I'll buy a ipad and install Linux on and tell you which OS runs best!!! Drop the stupid patents and fight fair or wait are you scared that you will loose!!! you will!! I posted this in apples little forum after I seen the topic from Google searching HTC!! (Distributions)