Is my laptop's hard drive failing?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello everybody. I suspect that my laptop's hard drive is failing. It is a 250 GB SATA Hitachi @5400RPM, and Fedora 11 is installed in a LVM partition, and SELinux is disabled. Here is the thing: When I start the system the message "ata1 soft reset failed (device not ready)". Palimpsest shows 6 sectors with the status "failing". Sometimes the system keeps 'searching' for something in the HDD and becomes unresponsive. Even though the system is new (no reason to be slow), sometimes (when disk access is required, not necessarily intensive) the machine becomes unresponsive (some times forcing me to restart X), and uses to show the following messages in the terminal: The error messages are more or less the ones shown in this post. Yesterday, for example, I logged off one user in my system and tried to log in with another one, but that process was painfully slow (I recall it never completed at all because I restarted X). After that I shut down the machine but I was forced to manually shut it down by pressing the "Power" button. Naturally I was forced to run a fsck afterwards (the second fsck run in this machine in two weeks) and got a lot of errors (which were corrected). Can I suppose the drive is really failing? (I can not trust Palimpsest alone, can I?) Just to be on the safe side I tried a liveUSB and it ran like a charm. Thanks. Joe. (HowTos)