My book of python- based doubts.

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hello people, I'm completely new to Python, and I mean new. I've had some experience with programming in Java and C++. Although, the truth remains that I haven't had any experiments with GUI. But that I will do.... Also, now the time for the doubts, 1.Is Python entirely OOP? 2.If, one wants to declare a variable, is no return-type require, also, for method definition. 3.I also gather from vegaseat's guide that a method can return two values at a time. If this feature exists in Java, I haven't used it, I would prefer the void return-type in that case. 4.Also, it so seems that the syntaxes in different versions of Python are different, is that so? 5.You can fill me in with most information that I would require to start programming with Python if time would permit You. Thanking entire DaniWeb, Regards, Gary. (General)