multiple sound apps in ALSA

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have stated that I use Pulse because ALSA fails to utilize more then one sound app. With ALSA if I watch a youtube vid in firerfox and soon open my music player the music player wont work unless I close off firefox. so I close off firefox but sometimes flash hangs the sound device hostage and I have to log out or kill something to make sure ALSA is freed up. So this is why I use pulse, it makes using more then one sound app at a time much easier, no hang ups at all. But there are a few apps that dont get along with pulse so there must be a way to configure alsa to use more then one sound app at a time. Is there? Is it easy to use? Do I have some compiling to do? Is it commandline? I am just curious what you anti pulse folks do to use more then one sound app at a time without the aid of pulse. Oh and this page is useless, it only mumbles about the differences between the multiple sound servers. no explanation on how to fix anything: http://en.opensuse.org/Sound-concepts Dont refer to it, it serves no use for this issue. (Distributions)