Multiple Records from 1 Record

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http://www.unix.com – I need to make one record to multiple records based on occurence column in the record and change the date.For example below first record has 5 ,so need to create 5 records from one and change the date to 5 months.Occurence can be any number. I am unable to come with a script.Can some one help Below is the input file Id Name Date Occurence,Sal 1,ABC,Jan07,5,100 2,DEF,Dec06,14,600 Output File i Need is Id,Name,Date,Occurence,Sal 1,ABC,Jan07,5,100/5 1,ABC,Feb07,5,100/5 1,ABC,Mar07,5,100/5 1,ABC,Apr07,5,100/5 1,ABC,May07,5,100/5 2,DEF,Dec06,14,600/14 2,DEF,Jan07,14,6 (HowTos)