Multiple Firefox Profiles - How

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Using Multiple Profiles in Firefox Open a terminal and do: Code: firefox -profilemanager Add a new profile as desired. Now we need to adjust the Firefox Launcher in the main menu to look like this and save it: This launcher will always start offering which profile to use and can act as your main switching method. Other launchers that you currently have for Firefox will launch whatever the last used profile was. These other launchers can be deleted and replaced by adding new ones from the main launcher you just edited, so they too offer profile switching. For Eg; If you have have Firefox in Favourites and want it to offer profile choice, delete the current Firefox launcher in Fav's and add a new one by right clicking the Firefox launcher you edited in Applications>Internet and do 'Add to Favourites'. It's handy if other users who use your login (Eg; wife) have or want different settings. Mozilla Seamonkey users will already have Profile switching - it's built in to the UI with Seamonkey! Written for kde4 users (Distributions)