Multi CPU Architecture

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, as you see I am new in this forum ... I have a special question about the kernel. As I see the Kernel it's a central management system for all running programs. Including giving applications different CPU times. It seems to me, that a Kernel always just support one CPU Architecture. meaning when I wanna install an i386 Application on my AMD64 CPU I allays get error messages ... witch I decide to ignore since the CPU supports the whole i386 instruction set. And now to my question: Will there be an Kernel which accepts different CPUs with their own RAM in one single PC? Meaning ... will the Kernel be able to take all not used CPUs as Graphic cards GPUs with their reduced instruction set and use them for encryption or ... decryption automatically ... Does anyone believe that would work? P.s.: sorry for my gramma ... I don't speak / write english fluent yet sorry for my spelling ... I may've drunk to much *gg* (HowTos)