Multi category image gallery actionscript example

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http://www.daniweb.com – I was wondering if any one can show me an simple action script example of how to implement a image gallery that has multi image category built from an xml file generate by php. I have successfully made an image gallery with, action xml, php, and mysql, but I'm having the hardest time figuring out how take the application to multi category. I'm sure if i saw a simple example of how it works I can probably modify my code to work with more categories than just one. here's the gallery so you can see where i'm going with it: http://www.jbobfunky.com/jbf_2009/photo_gallery.php the xml scheme i'm trying to use looks like this: <gallery> <image> <filename>IMG_1132.jpg</filename> <label>image_8</label> <width>800</width> <height>600</height> <thmb_width>60</thmb_width> <thmb_height>40</thmb_height> <category>India</category> </image> <image> <filename>image_1.jpg</filename> <label>image_1</label> <width>125</width> <height>94</height> <thmb_width>54</thmb_width> <thmb_height>40</thmb_height> <category>Hudson</category> </image> </gallery> Its really stumping me and not sure how to go about it. It amazes me how i can make leaps and bounds in one aspect of the code and then be at a complete loss in implementing one more aspect, mutliple categories. I appreciate your time in looking at this thread! Lost in the code, Johnny (General)