mplayer patch: make mplayer work with growing files

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Mplayer currently doesn't seem to handle the growing files. They are usually used when you stream something from the web (e.g. youtube-dl). Now when mplayer reaches the offset which was the size at the open time it just quits with various errors. Here's a simple way to reproduce. Get/download a movie and do the following (let's name our movie b.mp4):$ size=$((2*1024*1024))$ head -c $size b.mp4 > a.mp4Now start mplayer a.mp4. Tweak the size parameter to have around ~10 seconds of movie. Mplayer will quit when it reaches the 10th second. Now do this:$ head -c $size b.mp4 > a (HowTos)