Move partition on disk

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm trying to use preupdate to upgrade my FC10 install to FC12. However, I'm continually stopped by preupdate telling me my /boot partition is out of space. It is the default 200mb, I've deleted everything off of it I can, and I'm still short on space. This is in a VM, so I figured I'd just grow the disk and resize my boot partition. Unfortunately I've run into all kinds of problems dealing with the LVM partition. As the boot partition sits before the lvm partition on the disk, I would have to move the lvm partition to the end of the now larger disk before I can grow the boot partition. Parted doesn't seem to want to play with the lvm partition, so I'm looking for other solutions. The best I can come up with is throwing another drive on the VM, copying the current partitions to it, deleting the originals and recreating them with appropriate sizing, and moving the data back. I could potentially do this as a one way thing (move the data into appropriately sized partitions on the new drive) but I'm not sure that the device names will stay the same which could cause breakage elsewhere. Anyone have any other thoughts for me on how to accomplish this - specifically, relocating the LVM partition to the end of the disk so I have room to grow the boot partition? (HowTos)