Mouse cursor leaves and don't come back

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I've got what I'm assuming is an odd variation of the old Nvidia disapeering mouse trick. Mouse cursor is fine when I log in. Fine sometimes for hours then I'll sit back down at the machine and it's gone. Some apps such as Glaxium can kill it even if I try to open the critter. I don't have 3d acceleration enabled yet. I figured the simple solution was to first try forcing it to a hardware cursor but after much searching discovered Xorg.conf is no longer around. Display manager has no option to force hardware cursor too off. I've been able to generate xorg logs. My tracball is correctly identified. No errs in the logs or .xessionerrors that look related to the mouse cursor. I suspect that if I can force hardware cursor to off it will solve my problem. Any idea how to do that nowdays? (HowTos)