Mounting fuse sshfs fails when invoked by Cron on FreeBSD 9.0

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http://serverfault.com – I have a remote server filesystem that I'm attempting to mount locally on a FreeBSD 9 machine via FUSE sshfs, and Cron for a backup routine. I have ssh keys between the boxes setup to allow for passwordless login as the root user on the local machine. Cron is set to run the following script (in Root's crontab): #!/bin/sh echo "Mounting Share" /usr/local/bin/sshfs -C -o reconnect -o idmap=user -o workaround=all <remote user>@<remote domain>.com: /mnt/remote_server As root, I can run this script on the command line without issue, and without being asked for a password the share (HowTos)