Mount Point hell

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I am having some problems with file systems. I have three partitions: Linux (ext3), Data (NTFS), Windows 7(NTFS). I have acronis disk director and trueimage, so I can backup, change file system type, then restore. Is there a file system type I can use for my Data drive that both Windows and Linux can both read and write. Also, I would need to change the mount point of my home folder in both Windows and Linux, so if anyone knows how to do that (but not so important in windows since my dad knows how, but I don't see him for a while. At the moment I have to boot into windows and copy the file I want to access on my documents folder, then since I don't want to reboot each time, I usually end up doing whatever on Windows anyway (the horror):sad: Necesary: Windows-see Data, done. Linux-see Windows, done, and see Data, not done. Unnecasary but useful: Windows-See Linux (without using ext2fs) (HowTos)