Monthly Stats - June 2009

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http://www.linuxmint.com – Donations & Sponsorships: Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint: Donors: $116, Oscar T. (UK) $100 (2nd donation), John Ritchie (Aging Technogeek) (USA) $100, Douglas M. (USA) $100, Terry M. (USA) $100, Egyirba H. (USA) $72 (5th donation), Theodore T. (UK) $72 (2nd donation), Carlos C. (Portugal) $72, Emil D. (Ireland) $72, Patrick L. (Switzerland) $72, Bjorn A. (Sweden) $72, Muharem H. (Germany) $58, Giovanni S. (Italy) $50 (2nd donation), Jonathan B. H. (USA) $50, Robert P. (Australia) $50, Protecting Our Future (USA) $50, Anthony F H. (USA) $50, William R. (USA) $50, John W. (USA) $43 (8th donation), Temel B. (Germany) $40 (4th donation), Philippe W. (Switzerland) $36, Andreas H. (Germany) $35, Adam S. (USA) $30, Gabe G. (USA) $30, Krzysztof K. (Poland) $29 (2nd donation), DB. (Dick) (Netherlands) $29, Emmanouil P. (Greece) $29, Robert S. (UK) $29, Aldo R. (Italy) $25, Eddie F. (Australia) $25, William S. (USA) $25, Majestic Combined Services [MCS] (USA) $25 (3rd donation), Gordon Hilliard (ghilly) (UK) $25 (3rd donation), Michael G. (subslug) (USA) $21, Julio S. (Portugal) $20 (2nd donation), Douglas S. (USA) $20 (2nd donation), Colin C. (Canada) $20, John A. (USA) $20, Glenn E. (USA) $20, Nebojsa R. (Canada) $20, Curtis O. (USA) $20, David F. (USA) $20, Harreson S. (Canada) $20, Juha A. (Finland) $20, Craig B. (Australia) $20, Douglas T. (USA) $20, Donald P. (USA) $20, Brian G. (Canada) $15 (4th donation), Kevin S. (kevinrs) (UK) $15, Jonathan R. (Canada) $14 (2nd donation), HeLikesMint (Germany) $14, Pablo P. (Belgium) $14, Morten F. H. (Denmark) $14, Subtlekiss (UK) $14, Fernando C. P. (Spain) $14, Slavoljub M. (Norway) $10 (5th donation), Henry W. (USA) $10 (2nd donation), Dan B. (USA) $10 (2nd donation), Richard G. (USA) $10, Matko G. (Croatia) $10, Jorn L. (Norway) $10, Edward F. (Australia) $10, Michael S. (UK) $10, John P. (Australia) $10, Mairin C. (Ireland) $10, Andrew M. (USA) $10, Charles E. (UK) $10, John D. (UK) $10, Joseph G. (USA) $10, Robert David J. (UK) $10, Maurice R. (Canada) $10, John R. (USA) $8, Dag Eirik A. (Norway) $7 (3rd donation), Jindrich R. (Czech Republic) $7, Socrates D. (Greece) $7, Andre J. (Germany) $7, Rowena J. (UK) $7, Stanislav G. (Germany) $6, John H. (UK) $6, Sergey P. (Russia) $5.5, Stephen M. (USA) $5.25, Aneesh A. (India) $5, Hamed K. (USA) $5, Mark S. (UK) $5, Arvind D. (Mauritius) $3, Luca M. B. (Italy) $2, Tomas H. (Slovakia) $1, Shane L. (USA) Sponsors: $105, R1Soft - http://www.r1soft.com $100, Host Color (USA) - http://www.hostcolor.com/vps $75, John Ritchie (Aging Technogeek - USA) $45, Linux Compatible Poker (USA) - http://www.linuxcompatiblepoker.com $40, Az Van (newW2 - USA) $20, TOPIMMOBILIEN (Tim - Germany) - http://www.immobilien-es.com $20, Scott P. (USA) $10, Progboys.Com  (UK) - http://www.progboys.com $7, Unixmen - http://www.unixmen.com/ $7, Jesse Burroughs (JpBя - USA) $7, Panagiotis Papasaikas (Greece) - http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/ppapasai/ $6, Ferenc A. V. $5, linuxmint-fr.org (ludal - France) - http://www.linuxmint-fr.org $5, linuxmint-italia.org (Pietro Martino / prior123 - Italy) - http://www.linuxmint-italia.org $5, Guillermo Enrique Guglietti (Canada) - http://www.urbancsa.org $5, Sohier C. $5, Christopher D. $5, DLX Company (USA) - http://www.dlxcompany.com/ $5, Stuart C. $3.5, Ian Egland (Echolynx - USA) $2, Joerg Dreckmann (Germany) $2, Funkelectric (Spain) - http://www.funkelectric.com/ $2, NVISN TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTING (USA) - http://www.nvisn.com/ $1, BusinessSale - http://www.webvaluer.org $1, very-clever.com - http://www.very-clever.com $1, Busybits - http://www.busybits.com $1, linboo.com - http://www.linboo.com $1, Expert Bookings - http://www.expert-bookings.com $1, Cyprus Property (Cyprus) - http://www.leptosestates.com/ $1, Недвижимость на Кипре (Cyprus) - http://www.leptos-estates.ru/ $1, Prasad S.R. (India) - http://saysprasad.wordpress.com/ $1, Surf in Peace (UK) - http://www.surfinpeace.co.uk/ $1, Poker Bankroll (France) - http://www.thebankrollers.com/ $1, Erin G. $0.5, Martijn van Loon (aapiethaaap - Netherlands) $0.5, Nottingham web design (UK) - http://www.drawmyattention.co.uk/ Money raised in June: * Donations: $2402 * Sponsors: $498.5 http://www.linuxmint.com/donors.php http://www.linuxmint.com/sponsors.php User Stats: Repartition of Linux Mint users across releases: Linux Mint 7 Gloria: 60% Linux Mint 6 Felicia: 26% Linux Mint 5 Elyssa LTS: 9% Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna: 4% Web Stats: Visits: 1,559,894 (+13.17%) Pageviews: 2,939,104 (+9.17%) Page impressions: 1,303,421 Search queries: 3,250,028 Forum users: 17,862 Forum posts: 156,267 Rankings: Distrowatch (popularity ranking): 1350 (4th) Distrowatch (traffic share): 4% (2nd) Alexa (website ranking): 29,001th Events: Linux Mint 7 Gloria x64 was released: http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=910 Linux Mint 7 Gloria x64 RC1 was released: http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=888 mintCast released 2 episodes of their podcast: http://mintcast.org/ Summary: The community continues to strongly support the distribution. 88 people donated money in June for a total of $2402. The amount of money received from our sponsors grew to $498.5. All indicators show that the release of Linux Mint 7 created a boom in the size of our user base and that its growth is now getting back to normal. On Distrowatch, Linux Mint is slowly loosing its popularity as the novelty factor isn’t there anymore and the news related to the distribution aren’t relayed in the press and on Linux related websites. Linux Mint isn’t new anymore, but it isn’t as established as other distributions yet and de facto not considered a “major” within the Linux community even though the size of its user base can in times be as much as two to three times larger than the ones of projects like SUSE, Fedora or Mandriva. The Overall income is up 29%, and June 2009 was the (4th consecutive) best month ever since the start of the distribution. In brief: Finances have never been so good, Linux Mint sits in a very comfortable position on the Linux home desktop market second only to Ubuntu, its user base continues to grow but the distribution needs to engage in marketing, ads and/or promotion campaigns to get the attention of the medias. Now that Linux Mint is known to most Linux users and that it gathers the second biggest share on the market, it needs to get itself known to others and to compete with other desktops such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. (Distributions)