Monthly Stats – July 2011

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http://blog.linuxmint.com – Donations & Sponsorships: Many thanks to the following donors and sponsors for financially supporting Linux Mint: Donors: $100 (5th donation), Jordan S. $100 (3rd donation), Bob Donnelly aka “rdonnelly” $100, Serge G. $75, Joseph C. $72, Ramsey E. $70, Vincent V. $50 (7th donation), Michael L. aka “ddavid123“ $50 (4th donation), Andreas S. $50 (3rd donation), James Marsh $50 (3rd donation), Dale R. aka “MintyCAP“ $50 (2nd donation), Glenn R. $50 (2nd donation), Ronald W. $50, White Wind Zen Community $40, Rebecca F. (Distributions)