Mongo Client RedHat EL5 UT8 Support

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http://serverfault.com – # mongo MongoDB shell version: 1.6.4 Fri Mar 16 11:55:46 *** warning: spider monkey build without utf8 support. consider rebuilding with utf8 support connecting to: test Mongo Server seems to handle the utf8 characters fine, as well as my php-mongo-client driver. But when I try to query a record that has a utf8 character from the mongo command line client I get: > db.Users.find({age:33}); error:non ascii character detected Fri Mar 16 11:55:43 mongo got signal 11 (Segmentation fault), stack trace: Fri Mar 16 11:55:43 0x440b50 0x3664c302d0 0x3f47e7b6e0 0x3f47e83bbd 0x3f47e254f3 0x3f47e2 (HowTos)