[mod]enable symbols / secondary keys samsung keyboard

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Should work with all latest Rooted Samsung Galaxy DevicesInstall Root Explorer or similar File Browser Go to /system/csc/others.xml Insert this between <FeatureSet> If there is already similar but smaller code there, copy and paste this to enable symbols for your country[Covers almost all countries] <FeatureSet> <CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>es_US;en_G B;en_US;en_AU;en_CA;en_PH;en_IE;en_NZ;en_ZA;ko_KR; de_AT;de_CH;de_DE;fr_FR;fr_CH;fr_BE;fr_CA; bg_BG;cs_CZ;da_DK;el_GR;es_ES;et_EE;fi_FI;ga_IE;hr _HR;hu_HU;is_IS;it_IT; lt_LT;lv_LV;mk_MK;ms_MY;nb_NO;nl_NL;nl_BE; (HowTos)