[MOD][0.587]NeoMaid- Tribute to Modders[All IN ONE SOLUTION]

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Credits: iridaki---- for 160 character SMS ability BSDgeek_Jake---- Mother of All Ad-Blocking hosts tsoglani--- for his useful advices anthonycr--- for lightning browser free version as replacement for stock papayayoghurt--- for his framework deodexing help Rizal Lovins - --JB Adreno driver for Neo V trojan01 ---- for GSM/WCDMA reboot bug fix miui ---- for calculator and compass saqib nazm --- ICS HDPI Framework Tweaks Serajr ---- System UI and many credits for upward works Sony ---- For NEO V :laugh::mad::highfive::p:fingers-crossed::cyclops:<><><><> (HowTos)