mlbackup / rsync / hard links data size

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I am new to mlbackup/rsync and the concept of hard links, so I am a little confused after creating a backup data set via mlbackup. So here's the scenario: I am backing up "folder A" to "folder B". Inside "folder A", I have file "X", "Y", and "Z"; each file is 5mb therefore "folder A" is 15mb in size. I run mlbackup and the files are backed up to "folder B" for the first time. Now "folder A" and "folder B" are 15mb each. Without any changes to "folder A", I run mlbackup again. A new "folder B" backup is created. It reads 15mb again (in Finder, Mac OSX 10.8). Now I know the new "folder B" is (HowTos)