Missing operating system after fedora 11 install

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi guys, I am a complete noob.... heres my situation, I have installed fedora 11 on my desktop computer last night. I am trying to dual boot windows vista ultimate and fedora 11. My hard drive is 250 gb and I have aloted 200 gb for vista and the rest to linux which is an unpartitioned space. so: dev/sda1 -> NTFS dev/sda5 -> is where I installed fedora and I did not made any changes to the partition, this is my free space according to the linux partition program. I also tried to do a custom partition but everytime I press the execute button to build my partition, fedora flags a bug and will send to redhat. I do not know if theres a problem with my installation DVD but when I did a media check, fedora says its ok to install. The actual problem now is that I cannot boot my vista or linux. It says "missing operating system", I launched Nortons partition magic and it says that I have an error 105, bad partition table. I cannot install anything.....Is this fixable or I have to dispose my hard drive. Thanks in advance (HowTos)