Missing operatiing system after fedora 11 install (from usb)

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I had both XP and vista installed before i decided to install fedora 11. I installed fedora 11 from a usb drive and during install i chose the default bootloader OS as "other". However, after the install and the reboot the screen said "missing operating system". Now, i try booting from the usb drive again and thankfully the multiple boot screen shows up with other and fedora and almost everything is normal from here on in. First problem- this happens only when i boot from usb after changing BIOS. Second problem- My xp doesnt even load anymore even on selecting the xp option. Vista and Fedora are seemingly fine on selecting the option (again, this's after booting from the usb drive). I've used easyBCD before and would ideally like to be guided on those lines but anything's fine as long as there's a clear solution to the problem. My first post, thank you. (edit) I want to be able to boot from any of the 3 choices. What i actually meant is that i would prefer using easybcd to fix the problem. I had checked out the link earlier and did exactly the same but the missing os msg still shows up unless i boot from usb. Now a new problem has cropped up. Easybcd initially shows absolutely no entries. Then i reinstall the vista entry but after this any additional entry i try to make(XP or grub) doesnt show in the dialog box (of view settings). what do i do. (HowTos)