Mirroring files on my home computer

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hello :p how are you all? Okay i am so new to this and i am trying to make a script (preferably in python) that would run every lets say 5 minutes and would connect to my computer (not lan) then it would check folder for lets say .html files and the once that are not on the server it would download them to a home folder on my linux server. The reason why i am posting is because i dont know where to start making scripts for linux using python, plus i want to learn more about linux since i am a computer science student and in my first year i would like to learn more and this would be great experience for this since i dont know where to even start haha. Thank you very much. I am also curious if the only way i can do it is setting up ftp server on my windows computer so that linux server can access it? -Alexander (HowTos)