mintMenu in Fedora

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http://www.linuxmint.com – mintMenu is being ported to Fedora: http://unamanic.witt-family.net/2009/11/mintmenu-on-fedora-12/ http://github.com/unamanic/mintmenu There were mentions of a Fedora edition of Linux Mint and after some consideration the project was cancelled. Fedora is a fantastic distribution and it would make a wonderful base to a project like ours, but we need to stay focused and after we focus on our main tasks, the main editions, the community editions, the improvements from one release to another and the maintenance of the distributions, we’ve already got projects to work on, like for instance the Debian edition. So there’s no time for R&D on top of a Fedora base and that’s a pity. We recently put efforts in de-branding our tools and it’s nice to see them ported to other distributions. Although we don’t have the resources to actively participate in the fork of mintMenu, we encourage such initiatives, we support the developer behind it and we’re delighted to see it happen. We hope to see more of this happening in the future and we’ll try to keep our technology as cross-distribution as possible. (Distributions)