The Mint Newsletter - issue 92

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http://www.linuxmint.com – * News about Mint Monthly Stats - August 2009 August 2009 was the (6th consecutive) best month ever since the creation of Linux Mint. Unfortunately Shane informed us that he will not be able to make any more Fluxbox editions, due to personal reasons Clem may work on it instead * News about Linux Simon - speech activated user interface for KDE openSUSE to default to KDE Canonical Unveils The Ubuntu Software Store Tuxera, the company founded by the open source NTFS project NTFS-3G, signs up with Microsoft Slackware 13.0 released (old but alive ) Another kernel bug,  Mint users are likely (but not certain) to be safe, but if you installed Wine or Dosemu you’re at risk Quake live also for Linux in your browser Skype 2.1 for Linux Beta - needs Qt so it’s not for Gnome Foresight Linux to base itself on Fedora PySide a Nokia project for Qt OpenShot - a new non linear Video Editor for Linux The Linux kernel is growing fast - a report The latest news about the kernel is always found here * News about Open Source Pidgin 2.6.1 adds XMPP Voice and Video support (but not on Windows yet) * News about IT EBay Sells Skype To Marc Andreessen The US customs will have the right to seize any laptop, camera, mp3 player and the like “even if there’s zero evidence of illicit activities” as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently announced Bill would give the US president emergency control of Internet. How this would effect the world outside the US is unclear Opera 10 released IBM X-Force(R) Report Reveals Unprecedented State of Web Insecurity New Attack Cracks Common Wi-Fi Encryption in a Minute Pirate Bay temporarily disappeared from the internet after a court decision BitTorrent Site Mininova Loses Copyright Ruling Microsoft opens up for open source - The PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services Australian Federal Police “forgot” to set a password on a computer used to break up an underground hacker forum, and hackers broke into it * Hardware news One Billion Wi-Fi Chipsets to Ship in 2011 Alone * Other news Single molecule, one million times smaller than a grain of sand, pictured for first time by IBM researchers * Comic of the week Credit goes to xkcd Someone asked me to use this one - I think it’s funny * More about Linux Mint How to donate Home page Blog The planet Wiki Forum Twitter Mintcast * Editors comment As always - if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me - you can post a comment. I have been working long hours lately and there’s a lot to do in the forum so this edition is much delayed Enjoy life Husse (Distributions)