The Mint Newsletter – issue 99

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http://www.linuxmint.com – * News about Mint Linux Mint 8 “Helena” Fluxbox RC1 released! Linux Mint 8 “Helena” KDE RC1 released! Hardware database in the Community website Upgrading: x64 edition, version 7 to version 8 mintMenu in Fedora mintCast Wallpaper Challenge The mintCast, the Mint podcast, is  found here * News about Linux KDE 4.4 RC1 released “Supergaming” LiveDVD for Linux SUSE Moblin to ship on MSI’s Pinetrail netbook Update of Acrobate Reader for Linux, probably wise to update if you have it Ted T’so goes from Linux Foundation to Google 75% of Linux code now written by paid developers Two GNOME Contractors Required The latest news about the kernel is always found here * News about Open Source Samba is getting closer to Samba4 The BBC’s digital rights plans will wreak havoc on open source software Save MySQL campaign Michael Widenius “Monty”, the founder of MySQL presents new database MariaDB * News about IT Microsoft joins IE SVG standards party The European Commission approves Oracle-Sun deal *Hardware news Intel presents new chips at CES 2010 * Other news Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer Google Applies For Approval From FERC To Become Power Marketer In the previous newsletter I wrote “A sad ending – GM set to wind down Saab” It’s turned into a happy ending (hopefully) as SAAB is sold to dutch luxury car maker Spyker * Comic of the week Credit goes to xkcd * More about Linux Mint How to donate Home page Blog The planet Wiki Forum Twitter Mintcast community.linuxmint.com * Editors comment As always – if you find something I’ve missed in the newsletter please tell me – you can post a comment. Enjoy life Husse (Distributions)