Minimalism Rocks: Gain Back Space By Removing a GNOME Panel

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http://feedproxy.google.com – Do you actually need the second GNOME panel at the bottom? Or is it just taking up precious screen space? Those are one of the questions I asked myself today. Having two panels, in my opinion, is just too much (get it?). All of the applets at the bottom fit perfectly at the top and removing the extra panel also holds various advantages like: More precious screen space to your name (yay!) Perfect space for a dock, such as AWN or Docky No more up and down navigating (easier to navigate) Bye Bye Panel. Hello Screenspace Removing the bottom panel is simple. To remove the bottom panel, right click on the selected panel, and click "Delete This Panel". Before I move on to adding the applets that we lost, we are first going to remove some extra, unneeded applets first. Some of the applets I suggest removing are: The "Help" applet. The "Help" applet really doesn't help much at all, so removing this one is highly recommended. The "Indicator" applet. The "Indicator" applet, that little mail icon, is basically a little container for two programs; Evolution and Empathy. I much prefer an icon in the system tray (they both basically do the same thing). The "Indication Applet Session". This applet lets you shut down your computer, or set your status on Empathy. We can already do that using the "System" menu, so away this applet goes. Now that we're done removing applets, it's time to get back the ones that we lost. I'm going to list the applets that we need, and you simply add them by right-clicking on the panel and clicking "Add to Panel..." The applets we need to add are: The "Window List" applet. *Important The "Workspace Switcher" applet. The "Trash" applet. The "Show Desktop" applet. (This one is optional.) Having our applets sure is nice, but now we need to organize them. The order I have recommend having your applets are: Ubuntu Menu - Workspace Switcher - Program Shortcuts - Window List - System Tray - Clock - Trash You can see how much space has been saved by seeing the images below. Before: After: (HowTos)