Minidlna - works localy, on linux htpc and vlc app, but clients 'can't see' it!!

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi All, Ok I have setup a HTPC with Mint and minidlna On the HTPC itself minidlna running, and using VLC as a client I can 'see' the minidlna server under VLC's Playlist Network uPnP option If I move to another Linux Mint client (a Laptop) and run VLC I can NOT see the minidlna server. What have I missed? It's got to be something basic/simple! Feels like a networking issue! but where? Ultimate goal is to get smart TV/BD players to 'see' this HTPC I have also tried windows 7 media player to no avail. Below is my minidlna.conf minidlna.txt Any suggestions please? Regards Steve (Hardware)