MikG v3.1 [2/28/2011]

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http://androidforums.com – Its here!!!!Its here!!!!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by aamikam v3.1: (MD5 - aed26625747d6b9c79bd611b6a856172) Merged whatever i could to new code from shift 2.3.4 and evo 2.3.5 OTA Updated whatever dirvers i could from shift 2.3.4 and evo 2.3.5 OTA New RAM tweaks New DB defrag tweaks Fixed longpress tabs fc Fixed mms compression Added more apps to MikApps tab Added Swipe to remove notification Added more systemui icons (Sprint Lovers, thanks to autogeek) Added SONY Bravia engine (should improve images and videos) Added SONY XLo (General)