Migrating from kde 3.x to kden 4.x

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hey i have recently started using kde 4.x. I am trying to find out where are some kde 3.x feautures and how i can use them under kde 4.x To be more specific: A)IN kde 3.4 i was using multiple desktops. I still remember that i could see in my taskbar a preview of every virtual desktop and what applications are currently open on each desktop. In kde 4.x these icons are so small so i can't see any preview so there are not as useful as in previous verions B)In kde 3.x i could easily create desktop shortcuts by dragging and droping icons. Right click on desktop gives no such an option. C)What is the plasma dashboard(something like that)? Actually there is a small shortcut in the taskbar that seems to be working like the old one show desktop shortcut. Thanking you in advance (Distributions)