Microsoft Excel 2010 subtraction results in wrong answer

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http://superuser.com – This issue does not care if you format the cells to numeric or not, but formatting them to numeric with 4 or more decimal places helps you see the issue without having to look at the Formula Bar. Cell A1: Enter 104.19 Cell B1: Enter 98.98 Cell C1: Enter =A1-B1 (it shows 5.2100) Copy Cell C1 and paste in Cell D1 as a value. It shows 5.2099. <-- WTH? Same thing happens for: 172.89 - 164.25 167.85 - 159.46 But not for: 63.67 - 60.49 300.98 - 285.93 Additional Step: If you add or multiply Cell D1 by another value, the resulting answer is as if you added or multiplied by 5.2100, not 5.209 (HowTos)