Metacity: The window menu

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http://blogs.gnome.org – The window menu is the menu you see when you click the menu button (which usually has the window icon on it), or right-click the titlebar. An identical menu appears when you right-click an application’s entry in the task switcher on the panel, although this menu is owned by libwnck rather than Metacity and is manually synchonised. The contents of both menus are currently fixed. Let’s treat them as the same menu. The menu currently has around a dozen options.  What is the optimum length for this menu? These are the current contents. Which of these should not be in the menu by default? Minimise Maximise Move Resize Always on top (checkbox) On every workspace / On only this workspace (radio buttons) ★ Move to workspace above, to the right, below, to the left (four separate options, only the applicable ones being visible) ★ Move to another workspace (leading to a submenu) ★ Close Some say that the workspace options (★) are overkill. They are by far the most complicated options in the menu, and they take up a large amount of space even for people who do use workspaces.  Perhaps that’s not everyone; if workspaces are something that only advanced users are aware of, maybe these options ought to be enabled separately. There are other things we could put on the window menu, if it doesn’t get too crowded.  What extra options would you like to see there? Take a screenshot of this window Share this window with another user using VNC Screencast this window and upload it somewhere using Istanbul Anything you can bind a keystroke to.  (Nargery: This would be kept as a hint on the root window, encoded either as a keybinding name (e.g. “toggle_shaded“) or as a representation of an EWMH command.) Similarly, application-specific options, given in a hint on the window itself: so your music player could have play, pause, and so on when you clicked its entry in the task switcher; consider how this could move towards replacing permanent notification applets, evolving into being part of notifisation in Metacity 2, and how useful it might be in gnome-shell. By analogy with right-clicking on the desktop allowing you to set the wallpaper, perhaps “Edit window borders“, which would take you to a dialogue which let you reorder the buttons, modify which user-chosen options were in the window menu, pick a window border theme, and perhaps even do some light theme editing. …your ideas here… Photo © Beautiful Rust, cc-by-nc-nd. (Software)