Metacity: CSS on window borders experimental layout language

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http://blogs.gnome.org – I’m happy to announce the first experimental version of Metacity with support for CSS window borders (”Cowbell”).  This work was largely supported by Collabora Ltd. You can: download the tarball; read the documentation (it’s not as boring as you might imagine); review the source history. This diagram should explain everything, perhaps. I would especially like to hear from: theme artists, to let me know whether it’s adequately powerful; anyone else interested in hacking on this with me; the GTK client-side decoration people, so that we can harmonise the way we represent things; people who know a lot about CSS and can offer insights into the suitability of the way we represent things; people who know a lot about the Dublin Core and can offer insights into whether our metadata system uses it appropriately; maintainers of other window managers (especially Mutter), so we can talk about including CSS support in other window managers; everyone else, to suggest which of the directions for future development are most interesting. I think it may perhaps be helpful to set up a Cowbell mailing list, so that we can compare notes on implementations.  For example, I haven’t written down anywhere how to place an image to the right of the title, which is commonly needed (you use border-image). Photo © Craft*ology, cc-by-nc. (Software)