Media/USB devices detection/mounting issue

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I have had this problem for a little while now and have read a few articles and threads but as of yet have not got very far. I thought it would be best to get guidance for my problem from the start. Having followed a tutorial I got into my preferences and it says that auto-mounting is still enabled. Basically, my laptop no longer detects or mounts media devices. This goes for anything that I place into the laptop. Taking my iPod as an example when I plug it into the usb port it lights up as though it has been found and will charge. However it never shows the do not remove symbol and after a while turns as it is not being charged. I read through this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB I created the mount point but I do not know the code for my devices to mount and I am not entirely sure what I am looking at. Here are the results of 'sudo fdisk -1: fdisk: invalid option -- '1' Usage: fdisk [-b SSZ] [-u] DISK Change partition table fdisk -l [-b SSZ] [-u] DISK List partition table(s) fdisk -s PARTITION Give partition size(s) in blocks fdisk -v Give fdisk version Here DISK is something like /dev/hdb or /dev/sda and PARTITION is something like /dev/hda7 -u: give Start and End in sector (instead of cylinder) units -b 2048: (for certain MO disks) use 2048-byte sectors ollie@ollie-laptop:~$ I am very much a beginner when it comes to this area of operation and any help would be greatly appreciated. Seasons Greetings, Ollie (HowTos)