mdadm RAID5 after power outtage

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http://www.ubuntux.org – I've searched around all over the internet, and I may have made the mistake of following advice one after another, which could possibly lead to my data loss... Heres the story: A few days ago, my RAID5 array of 3x1TB drives went down due to a power outtage. Bootup was stalled due to a failed mounting of my array. CTRL-D to bootup, and take a look at what I'm dealing with. I "mdadm -E" all of my drives, and they are all clean and identical (not a single drive had been marked unclean or removed) so I tried to assemble using "mdadm -A --scan" which led to an array creation degraded. The original array (md0) was set up as such: Slot 0 - /dev/sdb1 Slot 1 - /dev/sdc1 Slot 2 - /dev/sda1 However, upon this assemble, I only had sdc1 and sda1. Odd thing though, instead of assembling in a _UU format, it came out to be U_U. read more (Distributions)