Mats Geier past away

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http://www.indigo-bird.de – One of the main pillars of the Distribution Linux Mint past away. Mats Geier aka “Husse” was the last 3 years moderator on the Linux Mint Forum and the IRC help channel. And I would say, he was the most friendly and charming I ever knew in my life. He replied to all questions with knowledge, wisdom and charm. The Linux Mint Developers same as the Linux Mint Community and all people who know “Husse” will deeply miss him. My deepest condolences also to his family, we will never forget. This is a sad day for all of us. *edit* P.S. I support current ideas (thanks to Rovanion for correction) to honor “Husse” in the upcoming release Linux Mint 9 Isadora. If you do so, visit Linux Mint Forum and sign or tell your thoughts. Regards (Distributions)